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CityScapes!!! Car Based. City Wide Amazing Scavenger Race!! Isolation Breaker.

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Start Date:
January 8, 2021 10:00 AM
End Date:
January 8, 2021 6:00 PM

The world keeps closing up more, while at the same time opening back up tantalizingly looms on the horizon.

BUT, . . . we are not there yet. We still need to keep distanced and safe.

Pretty much any sort of real life gathering is off limits except Drive In Theaters, AND THIS!!!!

So if you want to get out and be social but remain distanced/safe and still have a ton of fun . . . then we have the event for you.

It is called CityScapes because you get to escape your home and have an amazing adventure across the city.

Part scavenger hunt.

Part road rally.

Part city history & culture tour.

Part doing social good.


All Fun.

Here is what will happen:

We will all show up on the given time at the given location.

We will all be in our own cars.

There will be a zoom that we will all be on.

At the appointed time you will be sent a list. And that is when the adventure begins.

The list will contain locations from all around the city.

It will range from:

Historic Sites.

Curious oddities.

Film Locations

Cultural and Iconic sites.

At each of the locations you will have a challenge.

It may be as simple as a photo with you in it to prove you were there.

It may be you have to find a specific thing unique to that location.

It may be that you have to find an item/object we placed at the location.

It may be that you have to take a photo enacting a scene.

For instance . . .

The Old Zoo. A photo of you in an enclosure. As either pretending to be an animal OR as a scene from a movie filmed there (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy).

While at Griffith. The James Dean bust. With you next to it doing your best Rebel Without a Cause.

While at The Observatory where the bust is . . . a photo of you doing your best La La Land. You can be either Gosling or Emma Stone.

There will be countless things to do/find.

They will range from Pasadena, Griffith, Hollywood, DTLA, Mid City, South LA, SFV, Santa Monica, Long Beach and many others.

In other words . . . all day and all over the city doing all sorts of fun things and going to neat places.

There will be MORE than you can possibly get to. You will get points for each location you make it to.

Question: How is this social if I am alone in my car driving to these places and doing these things?

Easy. This will be done several ways.

First: You can have friends with you in your car. People from your pod or circle who you have already been in contact with.

Second: You will join a team of 3 or 4 others (in their own cars), and break up the list to try and cover more. Your team will decimate the competition.

Third: We will be live on zoom the entire day. You will be able to taunt the other team members and players with each new conquest. AND you will also be able to chat with them between locations.

Fourth: I did mention doing some social good.

Included in the list of palces will be all the locations of the Los Angeles Community Fridges

Here is an article about them

Photos of fridges (and placing things in them) will be a points multiplier. Meaning If you visit three fridges . . . your final points will be X3

Visit at stock 6 fridges? That's Six Times your points from doing all the other adventure tasks set out.

Ok . . . I'm in. What do I do now?

This event will be Epic Fun.

You will be able to get out of the house. Be social and at the same time be able to be safe and distant. This is as high risk as a drive in movie. And those are totally allowed.

Exact starting point location will ONLY go to paid attendees. We do not need crashers.

Zoom info and Hunt List only given to paid attendees.

Prizes for the winning team.

Everyone who brings food items and places them in the LA Community Fridges makes it so everyone wins.

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