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Mingle Bingo. The Ice-olation Breaker Game Bingo w/ Humans for numbers. 8pm

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Start Date:
February 5, 2021 8:00 PM
End Date:
February 5, 2021 10:00 PM

This is Bingo...with a twist!

This is an Ice-olation Breaker Game AND it's BINGO!

This will NOT be blue haired ladies slathering numbers with daubers.

This will NOT be passive listening for the caller.

You will mark down a Human and NOT a number on the space.

It's Bingo...with PEOPLE!

Here is how it will work:

*You will have several unique bingo cards that you print

*Just like regular Bingo there will be randomized draws

*We will call out each draw with very specific human attributes

*People playing will identify that they match. We will talk to them or Spotlight them

*You will mark down the Spotlight Person who matches that attribute on your square if you have it

These will be randomized cards generated special for this game. This will have the same odds of winning as regular Bingo. 25 squares with 75 possible draws.

What will be different is that this will be interactive w/ the answers of the players making for the spots played.

What ELSE will happen?

You will get to know the other players as they answer the questions and reveal things about them. In other words . . YOU MINGLE!!

We are stepping it up a notch & The Ice Breaker game becomes Ice-olation Breaker Game

Let me say this again: It will be VERY interactive as the answers of those playing determine the spaces filled.

We ALSO have a slightly more raunchy version of Adult Human Bingo later tonight!

Play both or play one. It's up to you!

The Adult Human Bingo is a little more's a lot more risque. The singles among us will like it. Couples just have to play well with others.


8:00 to 9:00 PM Human Bingo

9:00 to 9:30 PM Intermission. Stay on and chat with the others

9:30 to 11:00PM Adult Risque Bingo

11:00 onwards . . . Open mix and mingle with the new friends you just met who revealed all sort of things to you. Now you know who you want to ask more questions to.

The amount you pay will determine what cards you get.


When you pay: INSTANTLY you will get an email confirmation to your Paypal email address. IT WILL CONTAIN A LINK YOU NEED TO CLICK so we get the email address you want the cards sent to and the event zoom link.

Cards emailed day of event around 3PM

Prize for the winner!! Yes. Real Prizes.

Prizes will be Old School mailed out (how quaint) to the winners.

We will show the prizes at the start. can do a zoom hangout. Or zoom speed-date

Why do you have to speed if at home when you have all the time in the world?

Is that zoom clambake getting you down? Or you want to do yet another zoom naked pasta making class (the pasta gets better each time?)

Screw all that! Why not try a life with some mystery and unknowns?!

Live a life worthy of our times!!!

If it sucks...don't come again.

If it's awesome...come as much as you wish. In these strange times... what could be worse than coming again and Risque Bingo

This will be super fun and super special and not to be missed!

A note about +1 or +whatever.

The cards you get will have a serial number. So you can't share cards. Each card is different. You will get three game cards.

We are all now back home for the spike. So let's make the best of it.

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