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Start Date:
February 19, 2021 8:00 PM
End Date:
February 19, 2021 10:00 PM

This a "Reverse Scavenger Hunt" OR . . . to get nice and twisted about it


and even more perversely reversed . . . TИUH ЯƎӘИƎVAƆƧ ƎƧЯƎVƎЯ

Now that you are completely confustulated from all the wonky letters . . .

The reality is it's just a whole damn lot of fun no matter what it's called or how it's spelled.

The origin is based off a Summer Camp Game called a "Dutch Auction" (you can google this, I am not making it up). It's not an auction, and it's also not Dutch either.

We are taking this OnLine and Adult . . .. Our Event will be Summer Camp For Adults. We have done this twice on the group before since the pandemic and it's over the top fun. We don't do it often . . . When we do . . . it's not to miss.

Everything you need to play and participate is in your home or imagination.

*You will be broken into teams. (it's more fun that way)

*Each team will then be asked for an item.

*Each team will then have a set amount of time to root through your own home to find it and bring it back. Or you might just take the computer or phone with you on the hunt and cut out the bringing back part.

*If multiple people on the team bring it back that's extra points.

**Bonus Points will be given for creativity.

***Negative Points given when you argue with the points giver.

****Bonus Points given for chicanery

Either way . . . when time is up then points are given for that round. And we move to the next (after suitable laughter too).

After all the rounds are done . . .

We count points up and there will be prizes for the winners (we will show the prizes before we start).


What's that? This has a cost?

Yes. AND THERE ARE PRIZES. And you will have a $h*t ton of fun too.

This event has a 100% guarantee of fun. IF you have NO FUN . . . we will re-fun you. As well as Refund you too. To be eligible for this your camera must be on the entire time and you must have no fun. We will be watching.

Come and meet some fab people and laugh with (or at) them.

THIS EVENT REPLACES OUR NORMAL MONTHLY NEW MEMBER MIXER!! because you will get to know the people on your team.


After the event it will be open mix and mingle as teams or you can move about as you wish.

BEFORE this event from 7 to 8 PM is an open (but also guided) Happy Hour


Reverse Scavenger Hunt 8 to 10 PM

Open Social Mingle for plenty of time after the game.

This is all "perfect world" schedule. The reality is y'all will get there at 8 for the ЯƎVƎЯƧƎ ƧƆAVƎИӘƎЯ HUИT and it will take about 10 mins to corral the group and have things be a semblance of order. Then we will start the game and all order will be forsaken.

And then when we blackmail and bribe with points . . . things will get back into line.

Again . . . Thinks of this as Summer Camp for Adults.

This will be super fun and super special.

After payment

Main meetup location:

To Vist our Meetup Group
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